We are proud to introduce our customers to a new network of communications and services. The knowledge, expertise and hard work of many generations can now be accessed immediately across all devices. Trust Habash as another meaning for High Quality.

Who we are?

Habash Trading represents a daily, glorious taste of what Mediterranean Food was meant to be.

The Habash Family has been in the food business since 1928. This business started as a small retail outlet in Al-Lid City. Twenty years later, Elias Habash roasting and wholesale was established in Al-Salt City, Jordan. This legend is still serving thousands of customers with the finest food from around the world. This dream became true by establishing Habash Trading, Chicago in 1998. The mission of Habash Trading is to provide the best quality food items of the Mediterranean to people across North America.

What we value?

We are optimists. We believe real change is possible. Our goal is to provide a feeling that is all too often left behind in the homelands of our ancestors. All the old traditions and secrets of preparing food the right way. But we believe that in each and every one of our products that feeling comes back. We accomplish this with only the best products, freshest foods, innovative styles, and all the familiar classic tastes we grew up to love.

What we do?

Habash Trading works diligently to import, manufacture, and distribute goods across our vast network of stores and channels that you can rely on every day.

We work closely with the entire supply chain and hand select only the best and freshest foods for our customers. Our coffee is freshly roasted and grinded daily. Our spices use propriety blends and prepared in house. Only the finest nuts and seeds are selected to represent the Habash label. We compile it all in one easy-to-access online location, and present it in a clean, uncomplicated format, uninterrupted across your favorite device.

It is our pleasure to launch this website to better communicate with our customers and we would be happy to know your suggestions and expectations.

to better communicate with our customers and we would be happy to know your suggestions and expectations.