COCOURTH CHARCOAL 1KG (72pcs) x 10pcs

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Are you looking to prolong your hookah sessions? Looking for something that does not ash and burn quick?  Cocourth cubes are designed to last for the entire duration of your smoke session. Hookah smokers choose Cocourth for their ease of use and scentless experience. Enjoy nothing but the aromatic smell and pure flavorful taste of your shisha tobacco when using Cocourth Cubes. These are one of the best charcoals for long smoke sessions.

Each individual coconut cube charcoal for your hookah is precisely machine cut and is up to the highest standards in quality. Cocourth cubes are highly regarded for the precision and effort of ensuring that each charcoal is identical in weight and cut. Cocourth coals also fit perfectly into hookah heat management devices and give off the right amount of heat to provide you with the perfect flavor and smoke output.


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